Reference Materials

Clients and lenders often ask for reference materials that appraisers use during the preparation of their reports. They also often have questions regarding changes that have recently taken place, or are on the horizon, which might result in the appraiser and clients having to adjust their daily activities. For your ease of access, Davidson & Associates offers a location that you can check to quickly find this information instead of spending time searching through various web pages and documents.

Of course, because of the nature of the appraising world and the changes that are quickly taking place real estate and lending these days, this page is updated often. However, if you don't find the information that will answer your questions quickly always feel free to telephone us and we will try to assist you in finding the reference materials that you need so that you can quickly get back to your job of matching borrowers with the best loans to fit their needs.


Understanding Residential Appraisals 

Appraisal Foundation - A Guide To Understanding a Residential Appraisal 

Residential Appraisal Process - FAQs for Agents - National Association of REALTORS

Square Footage - Measuring Guidelines

NC Real Estate Commission - Residential Square Footage Guidelines

American National Standard for Single-Family Buildings - Method for Calculating Square Footage

HUD, FannieMae and FreddieMac

Revised Eligibility Requirements for FHA Roster Appraisers (4 Pages)

FHA Appraiser Qualifications.pdf

HUD 2nd Appraisal Requirements MORTGAGEE LETTER 2008-09 (3 Pages)

HUD 2nd Appraisal.pdf

FannieMae Appraisal Policy Changes & Clarifications 11/2008 (9 Pages)

Appraisal Policy Changes.pdf 

FHA Valuation Protocol FAQs (10 Pages)

FHA Valuation Protocol FAQs.pdf



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